Welcome to my pages!

The Internet is a pretty weird place to call home I guess but it’s virtual and doesn’t create washing up no matter how much tea I drink, so that’s good 😉

I write, sometimes. Well actually as little as possible. What I really do is trawl the internet searching for reasons not to write, searching for memes that explain why I am not writing and poke fun at those reasons. Sometimes I find something interesting that I can incorporate into my project, those times are a bit like gold nuggets and should be celebrated with a cup of tea and a nap to ease the excitement before getting back into the serious business of writing (or not).

Even right now, I am technically ‘working’ on a project, I have the file open and everything but because I have done well today it seems entirely reasonable to talk to you instead…?

No? Perhaps I ought to get on then!


Cheery Pip!

Bella xxxx

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