My Crazy Impulse

This year, despite never having done so before – I signed up for #NaNoWriMo. I do feel more than a little bit crazy to be honest and in the run up to November first I really was starting to panic.

You see I’ve had this story in my head for a while, well i say story and mean idea…. And when I say idea, I really mean just an opening scene…


But oh well lets have a go i thought – and then panicked. BUT! Today I passed 25k words and although I’m a bit behind I am really enjoying myself. The characters have taken to talking to me at every available opportunity, when I’m shopping, washing up, having a shower! It really is the weirdest thing and it occurred to me that usually if i told my husband there were people in my head telling me a story, he would have probably had me sectioned (and for good reason). So how thin really is the line we walk between author and delusional schizophrenia? I think it’s pretty damn thin and you know what, I am absolutely thrilled to finally be walking.


I wish everyone that is participating a world of luck and Happy Wording!


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