#Scatterbrained doesn’t even cover it!

So, Yeah! WordPress…. I forget that you’re my friend and I should totally talk to you more often… Please don’t hate me… Pweeeeeze?

Anyway loads of news. As Bella Rose I have released and then rereleased #Transfixed which is Book 1 in the Fated Choices series.

eBook Transfixed2018


Here’s the Blurb:

For two hundred years, Jenna has managed to avoid playing in the light, making it a point to hunt only The Darkness, it’s been safer that way. Besides, who’s going to miss a few murderers and rapists?

Luc is exactly the kind of someone Jenna knows she should stay away from. But even the most conscientious vampire can’t fight fate. And fate has plans for Jenna and Luc. Plans that will entwine them in something bigger than themselves. Something that will change them both in ways they never imagined.

Fate will bind them together. And together, they will discover who they were always destined to be.


I also now write erotic romance-Ooh Err Mrs… As Sara Jayne.

Sara published her very first title this week exclusively on Amazon and is available to buy for 99p or read for free as part of the KindleUnlimited program.

Special Delivery (002)www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07FZ3QG13

Here’s the Blurb:

Casey Jenkins is working from home as a product tester and secretly crushing on her regular delivery guy.
She doesn’t know how to move forward until one day he knocks on the wrong day, with a very special delivery.


So yeah, that’s where I’m at ~ Love and Light to you all xxxxx


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